Youth Section

Mini & Junior Info
Mini training is for players of mixed ability aging from 6-13yrs (flexible dependant on individual)

With over 20 players most weeks, training sessions are a fun way of allowing new and existing players to develop new skills and confidence as well as an understanding of the game
(for the parents who have not played hockey before - we can also give you some tips)

Training takes place between 10:00-12:00 on Sunday mornings at Campion School (details in the location section) and we always welcome new players

We have a strong coaching team (made up of existing adult players) who are all at least Level 1 qualified and CRB certified. These excellent coaches are also used by Essex Hockey Association for the Junior Development Centres (JDCs), Junior Academy Centres (JACs) as well as The London Youth Games for Havering Borough Council

Once in Year 7 at senior school, players are also free to attend the lower XI club training. This is on a Thursday evening 19:30-21:30 at Campion School. These sessions allow for a smooth transition into adult hockey (13yrs+)

If you have any questions, get in touch via the CONTACT US section - (Gemma Shepherd), or feel free to come along on any where the team are training - Events Calendar will let you know if we are away at a tournament


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